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Home » Press room » News » The European Commission awards Tracasa a tender of 6 million Euros for environmental data management



The European Commission awards Tracasa a tender of 6 million Euros for environmental data management

The Pamplona based Navarre company will provide consulting, technical and training services, for the automation data flows and dissemination environmental information through use interactive tools, maps and graphs, on a 4 year framework services project


The European Environment Agency (EEA) is based in Copenhagen and will lead the project. The agency is tasked with providing sound, independent information on the environment. It is a major information source for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, and also the general public, for the 33 member states of the European Union.

Under the leadership of the EEA, the project which will also provide services to the Directorate General Environment of the European Commission with offices in Brussels. On the project TRACASA will assist the EEA in the management, homogenization and dissemination of environmental information throughout Europe providing services to data providers and users, from more than 350 institutions and specialized centres belonging to member states of the European Union.


European Environment Agency main building. Picture: EEA


Data processing at the EEA is highly automated, through the implementation of its strategic technology platform that includes technologies such as FME, ArcGIS, Tableau, Microsoft SQL Server and Python.  The EAA requires experts in the development of robust IT and automated solutions that can support the entire data collection workflow, support the harmonization of thematic based information and the dissemination of information to external users through electronic channels. This project will also support compliance with the INSPIRE Directive specifications (2007/2 / EC). The project will handle information received from more than 41,000 observation points spread throughout Europe, with environmental information.

TRACASA will provide a team of highly skilled technical consultants who will also work in close cooperation with SWECO, a leading European architecture and engineering consultancy firm with offices in Malmo, who will provide local support for the project in the area of FME.


Project Kick-off, Sarriguren, Navarra

EEA, Tracasa and Sweco workgroup. Picture: Tracasa


On March 17, a project kick-off meeting was held at Tracasa headquarters in Sarriguren, Navarra. The meeting was attended by Jan Bliki (IDM3- Head of group) and  Peter Christian Kjeld (Project manager - Data architecture) of the EEA, consultants from SWECO represented by Bengt Paulsson (Area Manager), and the TRACASA Management and Consulting team from the Territory Information Systems Department, who will be perform the project.


History of Tracasa in the European Environment Agency

Prior to this project, TRACASA has worked with the EEA on prior framework services framework contracts, which date back to 2013, for the provision of GIS services (Geographic Information Systems) and INSPIRE Directive related services, applied to the management of environmental information.






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