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Our customers

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Philosophy of customer service

At Tracasa, we work both for public administrations and private organisations, contributing to innovation and development.

  • For us, our customers are of prime importance. Aware of this, we make the best, most personalised services available to them in order to meet their requirements as quickly as possible.
  • Each customer is a world of its own, with its different preferences and wishes. That is why we customise our services to meet customer needs.
  • We work with the most innovative technology so that our customers are completely satisfied and their products are of the highest possible quality.
  • We offer our customers the specialised attention of our staff to deal with any queries they may have.
  • We undertake to work in line with the quality requirements our customers demand.
  • We think that the information in our hands belonging to our customers should be dealt with integrally, accurately and veraciously.