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Rural Engineering, Cadastre and Cartography

We specialise in capturing content by aerotransported sensors, performing topographic cartography and cadastre training and management. Our experience is also a guarantee of our work in the organisation and systemisation of data, the environment and small-holding consolidation.

What we offer


Maintenance of the register of territorial assets

  • Analysis and Processing of Cadastre Files.
  • Updating and Maintenance of Cadastre GIS.
  • Technical Customer Service.
  • Functional Technical Support (Equipment).
  • Exploitation and supply of cadastre information.
  • Dissemination of Cadastre information.
  • Production of detailed Cartography.
  • Archive of analogue documentation.
  • Retrieval and computerisation of the Historical Archive.
  • Surveys and Market Studies.

Technical assistance

  • Expropriation.

Services to the administration

  • Cadastre Revision.
  • Inspection for tax purposes.
  • Appraisal Reports.
  • Inventories.
  • Publications for Local Councils.


Rural engineering and Cadastre

Technical assistance

  • Resolution of resources in Small-holding Consolidation.
  • Support for Work Management for Small-holding Consolidation.
  • Common Land Boundaries.

Small-holding Consolidation

  • Basic Projects.
  • Bases for Small-holding Consolidation.
  • Small-holding Consolidation Agreements.
  • Work Projects.
  • Redefining Properties.
  • Drawing up Property Deeds.
  • Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Specific CP2000 Software.
  • Inclusion of consolidation in cadastre.

Services to the administration

  • Cadastre Entries and Maintenance.
  • Marking Common Land Plots.
  • Work Projects.
  • Technical Assistance for Local Councils.
  • Inventories and other services.




  • Photogrammetry flights.
  • Topographic measurements.
  • Photogrammetric restitution.
  • Field revision.
  • GIS structuring.
  • Cartographic generalisation.
  • Revision and quality control.


  • Photogrammetric scanning of photographic documents.
  • DTM production.
  • Orthoprojection.
  • Colour processing.
  • Library creation.


  • Summary maps at different scales.
  • Interactive CDs and videos.
  • Digitalisation of paper documents.


Highlighted project

Project for the creation of digital orthophotography of the built-up area of Madrid at 1:1,000 scale.

If there is a reference product, essential as a basis for the use of any system linked to the territory, then that is orthophotography.