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Software and Information System Engineering

Experience and knowledge of systems for customers such as the Treasury, Justice department, the Local Administration or the Police, and the services which we provide for Electronic Administration, Emergency Management and SAP have consolidated us as a leading company in the development of the entire Software life cycle.

What we offer

Applications for Autonomous Community Administrations

  • Creation, implementation, maintenance and operation of cadastre systems.
  • Platform of telematic services for the public.
  • Income tax.
  • Registration.
  • Business tax.
  • Real rights.
  • Work-flow processes.
  • Health.
  • Assets.
  • Official gazette.
  • Digital library.
  • Portal for the management of underground conduits.
  • Avantius process management.
  • e-Contracting.
  • SAP.
  • Municipal management, tax collection, inhabitants, etc.
  • Emergency management 112 - Positron.
  • Civil security SIS I and II / Schengen.
  • Corporate security.
  • Project management.
  • Technical assistance.

Highlighted project

AVANTIUS WEB Justice Department Information System

Other projects

  • Basic PIS Module.
  • Process Management and Optimisation of Operation Processes of SOS Navarra.
  • Management of the Project for the Transfer of the SOS Navarra Emergency Call Centre.
  • Advanced Management tools for Command and Control Centres.

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