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Local Councils

More than 25 years at the service of local administrations has allowed Tracasa to grow continually, enhancing the quality and range of the products and services it provides its customers with.

Our chief objective is to provide services based on the use of territorial information and IT, contributing to innovation and development at all levels.

What we offer

  • Analysis and Processing of Cadastre Files.
  • Updating and Maintenance of Cadastre GIS.
  • Production of detailed Cartography.
  • Cadastre Revision.
  • Inspection for tax purposes.
  • Appraisal Reports.
  • Inventories.
  • Publications for Local Councils.
  • Cadastre Entries and Maintenance.
  • Marking Common Land Plots.
  • Work Projects.
  • Technical Assistance for Local Councils.
  • Inventories and other services.
  • Photogrammetry flights.
  • Topographic measurements.
  • Photogrammetric restitution.
  • Field revision.
  • GIS structuring.
  • Cartographic generalisation.
  • Revision and quality control.
  • DTM production.
  • Orthoprojection.
  • Interactive CDs and videos.
  • PCCS: Portal of Coordination of Underground Conduits.
  • SARE: Pamplona District Network of Water Supply and Sewerage.
  • Municipal management, tax collection, inhabitants, etc.
  • Project management Technical Assistance.

Highlighted project

Portal of Coordination of Underground Conduits

Centralised information system to view operators' networks and the state of work on these.