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Governments and Provincial Councils

The close relationship between Tracasa and the Administration has, over time, provided the former with great knowledge of and familiarity with administrative processes, an extremely important differentiating factor which allows it to tackle projects for any Spanish or foreign public administration with guarantees of success.

This position in the market means that its technical and human structures are up to date and competitive. All this allows Tracasa to provide an innovative, quality service in the best market conditions.

What we offer

Governments and Provincial Councils

  • Exploitation and supply of cadastre information.
  • Dissemination of Cadastre information.
  • Expropriation.
  • Resolution of resources in Small-holding Consolidation.
  • Support for Work Management for Small-holding Consolidation.
  • Common Land Boundaries.
  • Basic Projects.
  • Bases for Small-holding Consolidation.
  • Small-holding Consolidation Agreements.
  • Work Projects.
  • Redefining Properties.
  • Drawing up Property Deeds.
  • Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Specific CP2000 Software.
  • Inclusion of consolidation in cadastre.
  • Photogrammetry flights.
  • Topographic measurements.
  • Photogrammetric restitution.
  • Field revision.
  • GIS structuring.
  • Cartographic generalisation.
  • Revision and quality control.
  • Photogrammetric scanning of photographic media.
  • DTM production.
  • Orthoprojection.
  • Summary maps at different scales.
  • Interactive CDs and videos.
  • Digitalisation of paper documents.
  • SIUN: Urban Planning Information System.
  • SIAN: Environmental Information System.
  • PLANTA: Agricultural Information System.
  • SITNA: Territorial Information Systems of Navarra.
  • IDENA: Spatial Data Infrastructure.
  • SIGPAC: CAP Information System.
  • SISAL 21: Local Agenda 21 Information System.
  • Occupation maps: MCA, SIOSE, CORINE.
  • Edaphologic cartography, vegetation series, pastureland assessment.
  • Irrigation Integral Management System.
  • Infrastructure of Biodiversity Data of Navarra.
  • Forestry Organisation.
  • Agricultural Statistics.
  • Noise Studies.
  • EAGF, EAFRD aid management.
  • Vineyard reconversion aid management.
  • Statistical operations. DDRMA, IEN.
  • CAP Controls.
  • Conditionality controls.
  • Creation, implementation, maintenance and operation of cadastre systems.
  • Platform of telematic services for the public.
  • Income tax.
  • Registration.
  • Business tax.
  • Real rights.
  • Work-flow processes.
  • Health.
  • Assets.
  • Official gazette.
  • Digital library.
  • PCCS: Portal of Coordination of Underground Conduits.
  • Avantius process management.
  • e-Contracting.
  • SAP.
  • Emergency management 112 – Positron.
  • Civil security SIS I and II / Schengen.
  • Corporate security.
  • Project management.
  • Technical assistance.

Highlighted project

Advanced Management tools for Command and Control Centres

Tracasa has developed a set of emergency service applications for SOS Navarra (Navarra's Emergency Coordinator) and the Navarra Police force which ensure greater control through the use of the latest in Geographic Information Systems, Data Mining and Communication Technologies.