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For years now, Tracasa has been developing large-scale Cadastre, Cartography and Territorial Information System projects. The experience we have gained over the years has provided us with a strong position from which to enter the international market, in which we are growing on a day-to-day basis. We have performed ambitious projects in several countries, such as Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Mexico.


  • Ministry of the Treasury, Paraguay. National Cadastre Service.
  • Ministry of the Interior. Municipal Strengthening Programme, Interior, Paraguay.
  • Giunta Regione Marche (Italy).
  • Republic of Costa Rica.
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Guatemala.
  • Government of the Republic of Guatemala UNDP.
  • City of Mexico. Financial Secretariat of the Federal District of Mexico.
  • Ministry of Building and Transport, Nicaragua (I.N.E.T.E.R.).
  • Municipality of Managua.
  • Ministry of the Treasury and Public Credit, Nicaragua.

What we offer


  • Cadastre Revision.
  • Photogrammetry flights.
  • Topographic measurements.
  • Photogrammetric restitution.
  • GIS structuring.
  • Revision and quality control.
  • Photogrammetric scanning of photographic media.
  • DTM production.
  • Orthoprojection.
  • Creation, implementation, maintenance and operation of cadastre systems.
  • Project management.
  • Technical assistance.

Highlighted project

Integrated Cadastre-Taxation Management System for the City of Mexico

The application of this system permits a renewed, permanently updated cadastre thanks to the new systems developed.