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Territorial Information Systems

Our experience and knowledge, together with the cartographic production capacity of our company, allow us to offer consultancy, design, development, implementation and maintenance of Territorial Information Systems.

What we offer

We focus on the development of technological solutions for public sector Land Management: Environment, Urban Planning and Land Organisation, Agriculture, Tourism, Utilities (Energy, Water) and Telephone Companies.

We provide

Territorial Information Systems

Assessment of natural agricultural resources

  • Occupation maps: MCA, SIOSE, CORINE.
  • Edaphologic cartography, vegetation series, pastureland assessment.
  • Irrigation Integral Management System.
  • Infrastructure of Biodiversity Data of Navarra.
  • Forestry Organisation.
  • Agricultural Statistics.
  • Noise Studies.

Technical assistance

  • EAGF, EAFRD aid management.
  • Vineyard reconversion aid management.
  • Statistical operations. DDRMA, IEN.
  • CAP Controls.
  • Conditionality controls.

Highlighted project

Monitoring of water-saving measures through remote sensing in the province of Malaga.

Other projects

  • Portal of Coordination of Underground Conduits.
  • Technological Platform for the management of Pamplona District networks.

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