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Tracasa specializes in providing services and solutions in the fields of the territorial information and IT and Telecommunications technologies, to public administrations and private institutions. Tracasa is a public company whose objective is to contribute to innovation and development of the sector.

Tracasa's long-term vision is to become a reference in territorial information services as well as in providing services and solutions offering to facilitate the modernisation ofadministrations and their procedures. Tracasa works to achieve recognition among its customers for providing added value and among its employees for creating work environments where employees are fully engaged and find our company the best place to develop their careers.

With a workforce numbering close to 350 employees, Tracasa operates in Europe, Africa and America.

Its main areas of activity are:

  • Territorial Information Systems: Tracasa provides technological solutions focused on territorial management in the public or private field in different sectors: environment, urban planning and land use planning, agriculture, forestry organisation, tourism, utilities, emergencies, cartography and cadastre.
  • Software and Information System Engineering: We design, develop, maintain and operate advanced ITC solutions.
  • Information and Data processing: With a 50-strong specialized professionals team, Tracasa provides call centre services to our customers thanks to our multichannel platform. We offer: call centre, in-person attention at Citizen Attention Offices, data processing and deed registration services.
  • Taxes collection management: Our team, composed of more than 20 employees, collaborates with Treasury Deparments for optimum performance and effectiveness of tax collection procedures.
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