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Professionalism, commitment and excellence

Tracasa has a 85-strong team, with over 65% holding higher qualifications, with renowned prestige and a long-standing history within the company.

They are professionals capable of consolidating their knowledge and experience, highly familiar with the advanced technologies used in the company’s different areas of activity. They have successfully transmitted the culture of quality and rigour, transforming it into a key and distinguishing element of Tracasa.

  • High qualifications
  • Middle qualifications


The company structure is based on the following outline:

Slide General Management Commercial, Consulting and Communication Cadastre Department Engineering Department and Territorial Systems Query Management Department General Management Commercial, Consulting and Communication Cadastre Department Engineering Department and Territorial Systems Query Management Department


For years at Tracasa we have been developing major projects in Cadastre, Cartography and Territorial Information Systems in the national market. Our experience acquired throughout this period has enabled us to take a firm step into the Latin American market. In the African continent we have also developed a major cartographic project. Our expansion across Europe becomes clearer each day. Our participation in European projects for the establishment of standards and the implementation of added value services with the collaboration of important European bodies highlight the trust we have earned from European authorities, thanks to our technical and human capacities.

The following map displays the main locations of the most recent projects carried out by Tracasa:


Tracasa holds strategic partnership alliances with the following companies:

Tracasa is a national and international leader in the knowledge and development of GIS solutions. Along its journey, Tracasa has supported Esri technology, with which it has worked closely in the consultation, development and implementation of GIS solutions.

Tracasa is a re-seller with the authorisation of Airbus Defence and Space for the distribution of its product and services portfolio, among which the acquisition of images of the satellite family are particularly noteworthy, especially Spot 6 and 7, Pleiades and the TerraSas-X.



Contribute to societal challenges and value creation, through the development and implementation of modernization and improvement services and for government organizations and agencies.



We specialize in providing innovation and transformation solutions for the public sector, leveraging new and emerging technologies, advanced territory engineering and cartographic competencies and specialized technical services relevant for government bodies. We contribute actively to the growth of this service sector in Navarre, working closely with local partners in order to pursue opportunities and projects for both national and international markets.



  • Shared financial consciousness as a means to contribute to a stable economic future for the company.
  • Passion, ambition, and excellence in response to new challenges and opportunities.
  • Commitment to the sustainable growth of our company focusing on national and international markets, in collaboration with local partners.
  • Integrity and commitment to upholding ethical principles, accountability and transparency.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement, professional development and implementation of management systems based on international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.
  • Quality commitment to analyzing both internal and external factors relevant to our activity, as well as the implementation of process improvement practices based on performance indicators (time, cost and satisfaction) for our operational activities.
  • Environmental commitment to control of risk, an optimal use of resources (toner and paper consumables, energy), and the appropriate environmentally friendly management of waste.
  • Information Security commitment to guaranteeing the privacy rights of our employees and to protecting all confidential information related to our operational activities. Commitment to ensuring required levels of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, to reducing security risks applying two main measures: physical and logical access control; and to resolve the root cause of registered incidents.


The management system of the company is certified in conformity with the ISO9001. The certification guarantees that the processes are managed and improved in order to obtain the maximum satisfaction of our clients.


Our awareness for the improvement of the environment allowed the company to obtain the ISO14001 certification. This certification guarantees that the environmental aspects that affects the company are addressed, evaluated and improved in a permanent way.


Information Security

We consider essential to guarantee the security of the handled information. For this reason, we obtained the ISO27001 certification. This certification commit us to stablish different controls and to improve them permanently to minimize the existing risks in the data processing.