Cartographic services

Tracasa has far-reaching experience in the undertaking of cartographic data production projects that are high quality and precision, completing all the parts of the productive cycle: data capture with airborne sensors, topographic cartography, cartographic models, orthophotos, orthoimages, digital land models, LiDAR products and consultations, etc.

We have specialised remote sensing equipment able to handle both optical sensor images (Landsat, IRS, SPOT, IKONOS, Quickbird, etc.) and radar images (ENVISAT, etc.), with thorough knowledge in supervised classification, by object, textural, decision trees, and image fusing (FAST, SRF, Wavelets, etc.), as well as in the use of different tools (ERDAS, ENVI, ERMAPPER, Delta Q, Feature Analyst, etc.).

Some of our cartographic service projects


Territorial management

Tracasa specialises in applying GIS techniques to develop very diverse territorial studies. Over recent years we have carried out numerous international and national projects of this kind, mainly in the following fields:

  • Land use and cover: Maps of land use, CORINE Land Cover, …
  • Soil science: Edaphological cartography, desertification, salinity, …
  • Water resources: Hydraulic studies, flood irrigations, …
  • Agricultural resources: Estimations of agricultural productivity, GIS of irrigation systems, …
  • Livestock: Pasture-land capacity assessment, livestock surveys, livestock trails, livestock waste management, …
  • Forestry resources: Forestry certifications, forestry management studies, forestry biomass assessment,…
  • Land consolidation processes.
  • Expropriations.
  • Land disease manager.
  • Noises: Strategic plans and action plans against environmental noise.
  • Fires: Fire cartography, combustibility maps, …
  • Vegetation: Vegetation series.
  • Climate change.
  • Statistics: Surveys and statistical operations.

Some land management projects

  • Services for Mapping Reference
    TRACASA, in collaboration with GMV, is part of the group of companies that have...
  • Flooding studies
    Tracasa has a team of specialists in water engineering that can tackle all phases...
  • Vine Registry
    Tracasa has developed the information system for the management of vines and vine plantation...
  • Agrarian statistics
    Tracasa has long-standing experience in drawing up agrarian statistics working from satellite information and...
  • Strategic Noise Maps
    Since 2006, and in response to applying the 2002/49/CE Directive, Tracasa drew up Strategic...
  • Study on Forest
    The experience of Tracasa in the study of forest resources is focused on the...
  • Land Encumbrance Manager
    The purpose of the Land Encumbrance Manager project (GAT) is to define for each...
  • Expropriations
    Tracasa has more than 10 years experience in the execution of all the stages...
  • Land Consolidation
    Since 1990, and in response to the Government of Navarra's need to modernise the...
  • Soil studies
    Tracasa has been actively working since 1998 on drawing up soil maps both in...
  • Map of Crops and Uses (MCA)
    Tracasa specialises in drawing up land cover and land use maps. - The Navarra Map...

Territorial Information Systems

With over 30 years of consolidated experience, our technical teams are able to offer a wide range of services that cover the entire life cycle of land data:

  • Territorial Engineering: Themed cartographies (Uses and Covers, Edaphology, Geomorphology, Forestry, etc.), flooding modelling and studies, Strategic Noise Map modelling and production, validation of cartographies, etc.
  • Development and maintenance of Spacial Data Infrastructures (SDI) deriving from the European Directive INSPIRE.
  • Designing, developing and implementing Corporate or Sectoral Geographic Information Systems, as well as related consultancies.

We provide technological solutions geared towards Territorial Management in the public or private sphere in diverse sectors: Environment, Town Planning and Spacial Planning, Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism, Utilities, Emergencies-Interior, etc.

Some of our territorial information system projects


Municipal solutions

Over 30 years providing services to local governments have enabled us to grow sustainably, increasing the quality and the offer of products for our clients.

Tracasa manages the implementation, assessment and maintenance of Municipal Inventories (movable and immovable properties, road networks, street furniture, etc.) of City Councils, enabling processes and consultations via the Internet.

We specialise in detecting cadastral omissions, updating cadastre databases in accordance with the physical reality of buildings.

We provide services devoted to increase municipal tax collection, supporting the ICIO inspection (Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works), IAE (Tax on commercial and professional activities), Capital Gains, the 1.5% Rate, Management of occupation of public roads and private driveways …

Some of our municipal solution projects


Solutions to modernise administration

Tracasa designs, evolves, develops, and maintains Advanced Solutions and Corporative information systems for the public administration in the field of cadastre, tax collection, corporative records management, justice, police, emergencies (112), education, and other areas where the business knowledge is a key aspect for providing services of quality and guaranteed.

We get the processes and tools ready for the management and execution of the complete life cycle of software development, guaranteeing the quality and predictability of our solutions and services.

We implement a governance mode, based on agile methodologies, to our projects. The set of processes and procedures applied for defining and evaluating the software development lifecycle, pursue to obtain a higher level of productivity, efficiency and quality in a continuous process of improvement and incorporation of good practices.

Our team has the experience and the capacity to provide business consultancy services and technical support in both project management and development.

The business experience and knowledge gained over the years has allowed us a wider implementation of cadastral management systems and procedural (justice) management systems to other administrations, being especially relevant the projects carried out for Mexico City, Alava, Cantabria and Andorra.

We consider the effective management of the cadastre as a basic element for the modernization of the public administration. The potential for increasing the tax incomes, the benefit for a better and more structured management of the territory, or the contribution to the legal security of the real estate properties are key aspects for the municipalities.

Internationally, Tracasa covers the whole; from the implementation, updating and maintenance of cadastral information, to the development and implementation of cadastral management solutions, having a wide experience in the accomplishment of this type of projects.

Some solution projects to modernise administration