Agrarian statistics

Tracasa has long-standing experience in drawing up agrarian statistics working from satellite information and solid statistical models relying on a team working in this field since 1987.

The methodology used to estimate crop surface areas and irrigated surface area is based on the “Area Frame and Estimation by Regression” method founded on designing a sampling plan in line with the targets, territory stratification, adjusting the statistical estimators for estimating surface areas working from the field sample and remote sensing techniques (orthorectification, fusion and classification by satellite image object) meaning that surface area estimations can be improved, obtaining information on the degree of error committed by means of the variation coefficient.

Over the years, the methodology has been improved to include all the available information both for stratification and for the object classification processes: MCA, SICPAC, CAP declarations,…In addition, image resolution has increased from the initial 25 m (Landsat, IRS) to a final 5-1 m (SPOT, Ikonos, Quickbird,….)


Agrarian statistics in the Community of Navarra

Agrarian statistics in the Community of Murcia

Estimation of the irrigated surface area for the Tajo Hydrographic Confederation


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