Detection of Cadastre Omissions

The aim is to update the Cadastre’s database to adapt it to the physical reality of the properties. The purpose is to obtain the information necessary to start processing and incorporating the data by means of the procedures established in the Rewritten Text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law (TRLCI). The methodology followed is possible thanks to the know-how of Tracasa in different areas: photogrammetric flights, restitution processes, GIS analyses, database exploitation, etc.

The activities developed include:

– Photogrammetric flight.

– Restitution.

– Cadastre Cartography Update; Omissions and Modifications.

– Notification and Hearing of Tax-payers.

– Study of Cadastre Records.

– Generation of FXCC.


– Town Council of Seville.

– Provincial Council of Almeria.

– Town Council of Albacete


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