Tracasa has more than 10 years experience in the execution of all the stages that are part of expropriation procedures, involving a qualified team of experts and specialised computer tools. This professional team has proven experience in the field of encumbrances, appraisals and expropriations of all sorts of projects.

We provide our services to both regional and local governments, and to public and private companies that provide public services.

The methodology applied to each project is adapted to the needs of different customers, to their execution deadlines and to their legal peculiarities, always within the legal framework that governs the expropriation process. Tracasa has computer applications developed ad-hoc for the execution and monitoring of these kinds of projects.

Tracasa offers a comprehensive service for expropriation projects, including all sorts of topographical and/or cartographical works, appraisals, all the stages of the process and the elaboration of maps after the expropriation, necessary to be incorporated to the cadastre registry. All the latter supported by the appropriate computer tools.


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