Flooding studies

Tracasa has a team of specialists in water engineering that can tackle all phases considered in a flooding study:

– These studies rely on the availability of high precision DTM generated using a LiDAR flight using our own resources.

Pluviometric study: Isomax curves for precipitation in 24 hours for the different return periods

Hydrological study: Hec-HMS → Design flows for the different return periods

Historical and geomorphological study: carried out using historical images and using photogrammetric restitution techniques.

– 1D and 2D hydraulic studies: this requires a very accurate DTM including slope head and foot break lines, masonry walls. The model runs in InfoWorks RS.

Risk maps: working from vulnerability and danger maps

Flood management plans: a plan compiles structural measures (sizing the projects, plus their economic and efficiency assessment) and non structural measures (early warning system).

Projects framed within the European Directive 2007/60 on assessing and managing flooding risks.


Flooding survey on the River Arga in Navarra

Flooding survey on the River Ega in Navarra


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