Geographic Information System for the Common Agricultural Policy (SIGPAC)

In 2004, Tracasa developed an agricultural land identification system for the Government of Navarra called SIGPAC. In compliance with the community standard, it should be used in all CAP funding applications from January 2005 onwards. The work consisted of globally adjusting the cadastre to the field photograph to later mark out enclosures for stable uses within each cadastral parcel (working land, pasture, vineyards, olive groves, etc.). This initial map is updated annually using new orthophotographs, the cadastre, results from field visits and applications for modification that have been received.

The aim of this system is to make it easier for farmers to fill out their CAP funding application and Tracasa set up an Internet Portal for this purpose. In the event that the farmer detects a use or a surface area differing from what might appear on SIGPAC, they can request a modification over the Internet.


Government of Navarra



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