GIS for Waste Collection Management

The GIS for Waste Collection Management is a project that commenced in 2009 with the aim of expanding the functionality of the alphanumerical waste manager to incorporate a GIS functionality. This web application allows us to locate, check and edit all the information about waste collection points, integrating perfectly with the alphanumerical manager. Ever since the beginning, Tracasa has been in charge of running this project. Some of the most important functionalities are:

– Geo-reference of waste collection points.

– Definition of the data model.

– Integration with the alphanumerical management web application.

– Spatial and alphanumerical searches from the GIS itself or from the alphanumerical application.

– Web-based edition of information.

– Check history records.

– Printing on several screens.

– Attached document management (photos)

– Integration with Street View


Regional Community of Pamplona


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