Land Consolidation

Since 1990, and in response to the Government of Navarra’s need to modernise the countryside, equip it with competent infrastructures and increase the average size of farms, Tracasa has been carrying out land reparcelling processes in rural areas, on dryland, irrigated land, and modernisations.

For more than 20 years Tracasa has been the Government of Navarra’s main instigator for organising Land Consolidation in Navarra, exporting their experience and technology to other Autonomous Communities.

We have specific computer tools to perform the process, the right staff, and sufficient technology to draw up the initial mapping.

The company’s vertical integration towards territorial data production and their knowledge of GIS technologies have allowed Tracasa to adapt perfectly to these projects’ requirements. In this respect, Tracasa has developed the GIS CP2000 tool.


Land Consolidation of more than 100,000 Ha, affecting over 12,000 farming property owners in Navarra and Aragón, for the main clients:

– Agrarian Infrastructures Service in the Government of Navarra Department of Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration.

– Riegos de Navarra S.A.

– Government of Aragón

– Sociedad Aragonesa de Gestión Ambiental (SARGA)


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