Land Encumbrance Manager

The purpose of the Land Encumbrance Manager project (GAT) is to define for each works site the lands to be expropriated and the cost of the works. A GIS with themed layers is generated from a CAD works file. This GIS is used to deal with the cadastre web service to view the plots and areas affected. The project’s budget is defined based on this information and the payment budget is drawn up depending on the works. The application allows you to generate the different reports/contracts that are necessary. Among its functionalities we can point out:

– GIS project works based on CAD files.

– Graphical edition of the works.

– Query about the cadastre of the affected plots.

– Creation of the project’s budget.

– Price management based on base tables.

– List of properties and rights.

– Generation of reports/contracts.

– Payment budgets.


Regional Community of Pamplona


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