Navarra Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDENA)

This project meets obligations derived from approving the INSPIRE European Directive. This law promotes that public administrations should share their geographic data according to some common specifications and standards throughout Europe. With this aim in mind, Tracasa has been maintaining and updating the IDENA portal since 2005. Through this website, the Government of Navarra can share its data with other Administrations and also with the general public who can freely access the data through standard services (CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS).

Activities include:

Developing and maintaining the Spatial Data Infrastructure website (IDE) for Navarra.

– Development of necessary applications and services to operate this website.

– Development of an optimised version of the website for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)

Updating the data and metadata available on the website.

Transformation and publication of data in accordance with European data specifications.

Dissemination and participation in national and international events.

Active participation in European and Spanish groups of experts.



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