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Tracasa has developed a strategy for the exploitation of the services offered by Spatial Data Infrastructures. The project consists of the development of an API that allows the creation of thematic web clients, of corporative nature, designed with open source technology. This API could be reused for the creation of all sorts of thematic geographical sites that require lightweight map clients and tailor-made functionality. Furthermore, access to the reference data would be carried out by means of standard WMS, WMTS, WFS and WFS-T services offered by Spatial Data Infrastructure. Thus, the size of the infrastructure necessary to be deployed for each project is reduced, minimising the data operating and hosting costs.

The technology used for the development of these clients is the renowned OpenLayers library. A simple interface has been designed, capable of showing the map on full screen, and incorporating the main elements that usually appear on geographical viewers: Main map window (1); Control of reference and operational layers (2); Legend (3); Navigation tools (4); Specific tools (5); Map of situation (6).


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