Postal address systems and services in Navarra

Over the last few years, the need to implement quality address systems has become more obvious.

Tracasa has acquired abundant experience in the address field, ranging from local to global. We can state that Tracasa has the technical capacity, status in the address field (prestige and contacts) and know-how, among other aspects, that place it in an enviable position.

National level

On the one hand, Tracasa has been working together with SITNA to try to implement in Navarre an integrated quality address system that is also unique at regional level. Additionally, certain address-based applications and services have been developed: Postal Address Manager and Geo-locator. It is also worth mentioning our experience in the GEOPOP project (2007), in which the Town Council of Pamplona was equipped with a viewer with a street map and a route service based on ESRI solutions.

At national level, an expert has taken part in the address work group that, within the CODIIGE framework, pursues the design of a unique address model at national level (2013). Likewise, the project has worked on the preparation and transformation of the data existing at the SITNA for the national CartoCiudad project, the main aim of which is the creation of the Official Database of the Spanish road, town, city and village network, with GIS topological structure; firstly carrying out the migration and then the maintenance.

European level

On the other hand, we would point out our experience at European level with our participation in the EURADIN project (2008-2010) with the design and commissioning of Gazetteer services, and in the INSPIRE process, collaborating in the design of address specifications and participating in their validation. We also held the chair of the European Address Forum (EAF) until December of 2012.

Additionally, we would highlight that as a result of the BRISEIDE project (2010-2012), address routing and geo-location services have been implemented, using freeware technologies.

Participation in the work group of the PSI Directive: indicators to measure the use of address information in the public sector, organised by DG INFO SOC-EU in 2010

Global level

Finally, at global level, we are taking part in the ISO/TC 211/WG7 standard work group – with an expert in the development of ISO 19160, on addresses, the aim of which is to propose an address model that includes and brings together all the address systems that exist worldwide.


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