Services for Mapping Reference

TRACASA, in collaboration with GMV, is part of the group of companies that have carried out in 2016, the Framework Contract established by the EU Satcen (European Union Satellite Center) for the Copernicus reference mapping service.

This service offers a remarkable improvement to the NATO international cartographic standard MGCP (Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program), in relation to the catalogue of elements and the final cartographic scale. The result of the service is the identification and categorisation in geospatial databases of more than 200 elements of the territory, economic uses, land cover, infrastructures, transport and other resources.

The implementation of the service provides a georeferenced database on EU borders, with detailed information on hydrography, topography, vegetation, infrastructure and main activities of the population. The service populates the geographical information system of frontiers, the management tool for the authorities responsible for its control and surveillance.


European Union Satellite Centre (EU SatCen)

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