Strategic Noise Maps

Since 2006, and in response to applying the 2002/49/CE Directive, Tracasa drew up Strategic Noise Maps and the corresponding Action Plans in Navarra and other Autonomous Communities such as La Rioja.

Tracasa has played an active role in drawing up Strategic Maps both in Urban Conurbations (using multiple sources such as industry, roadways, airports, railways) and by means of large scale roadway infrastructures.

This product, in addition to GIS tools and other graphic and alphanumeric data, requires information from LIDAR flights, highly accurate when defining the DTM.

Using the different Strategic Maps, Actions Plans were produced against Noise, profiled as a tool for decision making and applying municipal, regional or state measures.


Strategic Noise Map for the Pamplona District Conurbation (Directive Phases 1 and 2)

Strategic Noise Maps for Major Road Axes in Navarra (Phase 1)

Strategic Noise Maps for Major Road Axes in La Rioja (Phase 2)

Action Plans against Noise in Navarra (Main Road Axes and Pamplona Conurbation; Phase 1)

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