Study on Forest

The experience of Tracasa in the study of forest resources is focused on the following areas:

Management and Administration of Designated Forests: Creation of a data model applicable to a geo-database capable of containing basic information for the management of forest designations.

Forest Fires: A fuel model map is generated at regional level by means of geo-processes and inventories.

Assessment of forest waste for energy production: GIS analysis to quantify and locate the production of energy by means of the combustion of forest waste.

Model to quantify biomass at regional level: The carbon fixing corresponding to tree-covered masses is calculated based on remote sensing and data from the national inventory.

Forest mass parameters with LiDAR: High resolution forest parameters are obtained from LiDAR data and the forest inventory.


Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access.

GIS-remote sensing: ArcGis, ERDAS, ENVI, Quantum, GeoMap (own sw)

Programming: C#, Python, VB. LiDAR: Terrascan, Fusion, R

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