Soil studies

Tracasa has been actively working since 1998 on drawing up soil maps both in Navarra and in other communities.

Methodology: collecting field data and analysing samples, information management, photo-interpretation, classifying and defining series and cartographic soil units, drawing up cartography and integrating the information into GIS.

To do this, methodologies have been developed to produce soil mapping, as well as powerful computer tools: Soil Bank, Digital Photo-interpretation, GIS applications, etc.

Derivative map production: other themed mapping can be obtained working from soil maps:

Map showing Categories of Irrigated Arable Land. The land’s capability for irrigation is defined according to the soil, topography and drainage characteristics, as well as the land’s current use; to do this the USBR classification system is used.

Map of Agricultural Land Categories. The soil’s production capacity and the risk of losing this capacity, depending on the farming system used on the soil, define the agrological capacity.

There is a draft version of the European Directive for a European Soil Monitoring System

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