Thematic Cartography 1: 25.000 Ecuador

The consortium formed by Tracasa and Nipsa perform in Ecuador the national model of accessibilities that allows to know the time from anywhere in the territory to a paved road, including also relevant towns as well as the agroproductive infrastructure. Using this information the Homogeneous Zones Accessibility map was generated.

Additionally, it was improveed the Volcanic hazards cartography initially generated by the IG-EPN. As a basis, it was used the DTM 10 m. resolution of Ecuador generated by the Tracasa-Nipsa Consortium.


Accessibility by identifying: characteristics of road connectivity, habitants and products mobility as well as new infrastructure planning and implementations.

Volcanic Hazards: an updated map of volcanic hazards with the most current DTM with the best accuracy available.

The consortium formed by Tracasa and Nipsa made the draft thematic cartography 1: 25.000 122,000 square kilometers of Ecuador, the following thematic layers were generated:

– Geomorphology: photointerpretation: 66,000 units / 221 types of geological formations

– Geopedology: 9,000 soil units /> soil pits 8,000 / 20,000 analysis

– Ability to Land Use: 8 classes / 65 management units

– Difficulty Farm: 5 lessons / 63 farming units

– Erosion Threatens Water: 5 kinds of risk to water erosion

– Infiltration speed: 7 kinds /> infiltration tests conducted 6,000

– Vegetation Cover and Land Use: 180 classes /> 20,000 chips Field

– Production systems:> 5,000 surveys /> 50,000 photos

– Homogeneous Zones crops: 81 homogeneous zones


Mapping File GDB ArcGIS Postgres and PostGIS

Chips BdD Postgre field in SQL format with PostGIS extension

Cartographic outputs in pdf and mxd (ArcGis 10.1)

Metadata per sheet 50K and canton

Cantonal technical report


Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fishing. SigTierra program

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