Underground Pipes Coordination Portal (PCCS)

The PCCS website is a web platform that can improve coordination and management of underground pipelining work. This website’s users are the companies managing networks and underground pipes and professionals that need to view these networks for their job. In summary, its aims are:

– Improve the control and management of service pipelining works in the Pamplona District area.

– Improve customer relations and the information released to the public.

– Reduce the impact of opening and closing pipelining works located on public roadways on citizens.

– Reduce unnecessary breaks in pipes and their consequences: breaks in service, power cuts, etc., repair costs, customer complaints, legal complaints, in short any way in which the public are affected.

It currently offers 4 modules: Viewing, licence management, project management and plan downloads.


Companies operating underground networks (Telefonica, Iberdrola, Gas Natural, Orange and others)




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