Vine Registry

Tracasa has developed the information system for the management of vines and vine plantation rights in Navarre. It includes all the information about the structure and evolution of grape farms, identification of plots, agricultural characteristics, producers and denominations of origin.

It integrates geographical information about the plots and is coordinated with the national SIGPAC (GIS of Agricultural Plots) and the Cadastre. This allows the Vine Registry and SIGPAC to be synchronised at all times, both in terms of use and áreas.

The basic management tool is the web application that implements all the procedures involved in the maintenance of the Registry and integrates the visualisation of vines on the web of the SIGPAC of Navarre.

The system will soon provide access to the information of the Vine Registry by means of the Internet to authorised users: vine growers, cooperatives, regulating boards and others.


Government of Navarre


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