Tracasa Global has already provided 50,000 km2 of super-resolved images of the Ukraine area from Sentinel-2 satellites

Thanks to its SENX4 technology, the public company of the Government of Navarre provides interested entities and institutions with images of the area that can be used for remote sensing

From left to right, María Cabello, Isabel Goñi y Carlos Aranda.

Tracasa Global has already delivered, free of charge, 50,000 km2 of super-resolved images of Ukraine and surrounding areas from Sentinel-2 satellites. The zone in question, of course, has been affected since the end of last February by attacks by Russian troops. Thus, the public company of the Government of Navarre, attached to the region’s Department of Economic and Business Development, is making available to interested entities images of the area that can be used for remote sensing, with the aim of providing information and facilitating analysis of the situation in the area.

Tracasa Global presented the operation and the main figures of this service, which was set up a few weeks ago, at a presentation held today at the headquarters of the Association of Industrial Technical Engineers of Navarre, within the framework of the activities organized for “European Week in Navarre”. On hand was Carlos Aranda, Head of R&D&I; María Cabello, Head of Sales and International Business Development; and Isabel Goñi, Head of the Territorial and Spatial Engineering area.

Thanks to its SENX4 technology, Tracasa Global has managed to quadruple the resolution of the images of the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellites, taking them from 10 meters per pixel in each image to 2.5 meters per pixel. This breakthrough in the field of super-high-resolution satellite images was possible thanks to the work carried out by the Navarre-based company using “deeplearningtechniques,” with which it has been able to beat all the records previously set in this field.

Isabel Goñi, who pointed out that Tracasa Global has already provided more than a dozen international entities with access to the super-high-resolution image platform, reminded those present that “organizations interested in obtaining super-high-resolution satellite images of the Ukraine area free of charge can use the link, to process their access to the platform (each request is studied individually), learn about the platform’s usage conditions, and start their searches and downloads”.

María Cabello, meanwhile, highlighted Tracasa Global’s “international experience in advanced spatial information systems and data analytics” and the work carried out by the company “on projects for European entities such as the European Commission’s Directorate General for the Environment, the European Environment Agency, the Joint Research Center in Ispra (Italy), the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the European Union Satellite Center and the Government of Ireland”.

Finally, Carlos Aranda underscored the work being carried out by the R&D&I team, a corporate service of Tracasa Global and Tracasa Instrumental, and emphasized, in relation to SENX4 technology, “the use of ‘deep learning’techniques in the field of photogrammetry, with ‘deep learning’ algorithms that make it possible to imitate and improve man’s capacity in the processing and recognition of patterns in images”.

In addition, Aranda mentioned the “international recognition” recently obtained by the company’s R&D&I team, which specializes in the development of cutting-edge solutions, especially in the areas of  Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, having garnered three “podiums” (first, second or third place) at three international Artificial Intelligence competitions: AI4FoodSecurity, Air Quality and Health and Enhanced Sentinel-2 Agriculture.