Tracasa Global, reconocida en Estados Unidos por sus 20 años de compromiso con Esri y con la tecnología ArcGIS 

Tracasa Global ha sido reconocida, durante la Conferencia de Partners de Esri celebrada en California (Estados Unidos), por sus 20 años de compromiso con Esri, líder del mercado mundial de software de sistemas de información geográfica, y con la tecnología ArcGIS. Este reconocimiento se entrega a las organizaciones que han participado en la red de partners de Esri durante dos décadas y han demostrado un permanente compromiso ayudando a los clientes a tener éxito mediante la adopción de la tecnología ArcGIS.

Tracasa Global, empresa pública del Gobierno de Navarra adscrita al departamento de Desarrollo Económico y Empresarial, está especializada en servicios innovadores y de alto valor añadido en gestión del territorio, analítica de datos espaciales y sistemas de información geográfica, con una amplia experiencia en el ámbito nacional e internacional.

A la izquierda, Moisés Zalba, director de Operaciones de Tracasa Global, recibe en Estados Unidos el reconocimiento para la empresa navarra de manos de Jack Dangermond, fundador y presidente de la empresa norteamericana Esri.

«Para Tracasa Global es un extraordinario reconocimiento. Como compañía líder en la implantación de soluciones GIS y en el uso de la tecnología de Esri, este reconocimiento es muy especial. También constituye una motivación extra para continuar avanzando en trabajos innovadores en el mercado nacional e internacional. Actualmente, Tracasa Global utiliza la tecnología de Esri en muchos proyectos, para impulsar a nuestros clientes en trabajos relacionados, especialmente, con el cuidado del medioambiente y las soluciones GIS”, explica Mar González, consejera delegada de Tracasa Global.

“Además, nuestra empresa está celebrando este año su 40 aniversario, así que estamos especialmente orgullosos de recibir este reconocimiento de Esri en este momento, que se suma al Premio Esri logrado el año pasado, System Implementation Award: Ensuring customer success through a comprehensive suite of services, que vino a reconocer nuestra capacidad para innovar e implementar soluciones de tecnología geoespacial. Por último, no podemos olvidar las dos certificaciones de Esri que posee actualmente Tracasa Global: Utility Network Management y ArcGIS System Ready, que certifican nuestro conocimiento sobre la tecnología de Esri”, añade Moisés Zalba, director de Operaciones de Tracasa Global.

Tracasa celebrates 40 years of history, looking to the future and with a new name for its market company: Tracasa Global

The history of the public company of the Government of Navarre, currently divided into two companies – Tracasa Instrumental and Tracasa Global – was recognized today in the region’s Parliament by María Chivite, president of its government: «Tracasa, through its work and effort, promotes a more innovative, technological and efficient Administration».

Today, in the atrium of the Parliament of Navarre, Tracasa celebrated its 40 years of history by recognizing the people who have led the company over the course of these four decades, and looking to the future, with the announcement of a new name for its market company, henceforth to be called Tracasa Global, in the interest of a clearer identification of the company and to highlight its focus on the national and international markets.

Tracasa, a company oriented towards the national and international markets, is now Tracasa Global. Tracasa Instrumental, focused on providing services to the Government of Navarra, will retain its current name.

The public company of the Government of Navarre, founded in 1982 and since 2016 divided into two companies (Tracasa Instrumental and Tracasa, now Tracasa Global), held an institutional ceremony presided over by the President of the Government of Navarre, María Chivite, who recognized and commended the company for its work over these four decades.

«Tracasa, through its work and effort, promotes a more innovative, technological and efficient Administration. Tracasa, from the beginning, has not only provided a solution to organize cadasters, but has also managed to furnish the Administration with the tools to move into the 21st century and provide citizens with more efficient, attentive, modern and complex service», she stressed.

Tracasa Instrumental and Tracasa Global date back to 1982, when, under the name Trabajos Catastrales, a joint stock company was created to undertake and carry out projects in this area. The Government agreement for the creation of the new company was dated March 25, 1982, and the chair of its first board of directors was Ángel Lasunción.

Adopting this historic date, the event held today was attended by authorities and representatives of the Government of Navarre; the Parliament of Navarre, headed by its president, Unai Hualde; the Public Business Corporation of Navarre, and various organizations and entities, paying tribute to the people who, over the last 40 years, have presided over and managed the company.

José Manuel Arlabán, José María Aracama, Álvaro Miranda and Manuel Ayerdi attended the event as former chairmen of the company’s boards of directors.  Former managing directors of the company José Antonio Sáez, Ángel Sanz, José María Jiménez and Josetxo Arrarás were also on hand. And Dora Lecumberri, the wife of José Miguel Asiáin, the company’s managing director for almost two decades, who passed away last January, also took part in the event.

All the people recognized received an institutional gift in recognition of their careers at Tracasa: a small 3D replica of the company’s current headquarters created by Mechanics and Graphic Arts students at Salesianos, a school located in the Egüés Valley just 200 meters from the Tracasa building.

In the picture, the president of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, during her address in the atrium of the Parliament of Navarre.

In his remarks, the President of the Parliament of Navarra, Unai Hualde, looked back on Tracasa’s history since its incorporation in 1982 down until the present day, including the moment of its 2016 splitting into Tracasa and Tracasa Instrumental, a decision that, six years later, has proven to be a good move in light of its «capacity for improvement and innovation to adapt to the demands of each period. Four decades of standing as a leader in areas like cadaster, territorial information systems, software engineering, and debt management is reason enough to express our most sincere congratulations to Tracasa».

Juan Cruz Cigudosa, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tracasa Instrumental and the Minister of Universities, Innovation and Digital Transformation for the Government of Navarra, highlighted «the fundamental cornerstone that this company represents for the Regional Administration, thanks to the clear dedication to public service underlying its work», and emphasized «Tracasa’s constant commitment to modernization and technological development», aspects that have contributed to strengthening the Regional Community’s leadership in terms of digital transformation.

Mikel Irujo, chairman of the board of directors of Tracasa Global and the Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development of the Government of Navarra, underscored in his comments that «Tracasa is currently a window open to the world for the Government of Navarra. It allows progress to be made in the creation and maintenance of highly qualified positions, and is an outstanding ambassador for our community abroad, at European agencies, entities and governments, and in scientific forums, congresses and publications.»

Finally, Mar González, managing director of Tracasa Instrumental and CEO of Tracasa Global, expressed her appreciation for «the work carried out by hundreds of people over the years», emphasizing «the importance of reaching 40 years of history» and acknowledging the «the inspiration drawn from this milestone as both companies set about tackling the current and future challenges of public service, innovation and digital transformation.»

Exhibition open to the public until April 23

The institutional act in the Parliament of Navarre, at which those present watched a video on the company’s 40 years, concluded with the inauguration of an exhibition entitled «Tracasa: 40 years of Innovation at the service of Navarre,» which sums up the history of the company through eight key concepts: Background and Foundation, Administration, Territory, Innovation, Cadaster, Global, Software and Talent.

The exhibition will remain open to the public at the Parliament of Navarre, with free access from Friday, March 25 to Saturday, April 23, during the following hours: Monday to Friday (from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm), except Thursdays, and Saturday mornings from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Two companies, one origin

Currently, Tracasa Instrumental, attached to the Department of Universities, Innovation and Digital Transformation, has a staff of 490 people, and is the Government of Navarra’s foremost company providing services and knowledge related to digital transformation, territorial management, tax management and citizen services.

Tracasa Global, hitherto known as Tracasa, is attached to the Department of Economic and Business Development, has a staff of 60 people, specializes in high value-added businesses and stands at the forefront, nationally and internationally, in advanced spatial information systems and data analytics.