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Cartographic services

Tracasa has far-reaching experience in the undertaking of cartographic data production projects that are high quality and precision, completing all the parts of the productive cycle: data capture with airborne sensors, topographic cartography, cartographic models, orthophotos, orthoimages, digital land models, LiDAR products and consultations.


Territorial management

Tracasa specialises in applying SIG techniques to develop very diverse territorial studies. Over recent years we have carried out numerous national and international projects of this kind, mainly in the following spheres: land use and cover, soil science, water, agricultural, livestock or forestry resources, land consolidation, negative impact on the land, etc.


Territorial Information Systems

We provide technological solutions geared towards Territorial Management in the public or private sphere in diverse sectors: Environment, Town Planning and Spacial Planning, Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism, Utilities, Emergencies-Interior, Cartography, Cadastre.


Municipal solutions

Tracasa manages the implementation, assessment and maintenance of Municipal Inventories (movable and immovable properties, road networks, street furniture, etc.) of City Councils, enabling processes and consultations via the Internet.


Solutions to modernise administration

Tracasa designs, evolves, develops, and maintains Advanced Solutions and Corporative information systems for the public administration in the field of cadastre, tax collection, corporative records management, justice, police, emergencies (112), education, and other areas where the business knowledge is a key aspect for providing services of quality and guaranteed.

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